I went off on a tangeant Tuesday

Fellow hobbyists I’ve gotta say having a weekend off is so great!

I’ve kind of gone off on a weird one this week but I’m curious as to other people’s thoughts so let me know if you think I’ve lost it.😂

Seriously I’ve managed to get so much done that I didn’t realise how much I could do in a single sitting!

First off I finally watched infinity war pt1 and dayum what a rollercoaster of a ride!

It had me thinking about a D&D campaign that I’m writing at the moment (alongside building terrain and painting everything). It is the first time I’ve written one and it’s still being planned but anyway…

Without too many spoilers there are few things that the Marvel Series has done great leading up to the Infinity War.

1. The way “NPCs”(aka not the avengers) are used as carriers whilst feeling like they are the main plot point for their brief time in the spotlight.

Yes they are part of the Avengers but often sickened which could make for fun allies who can’t really be relied upon by the party to solve every problem.

Yea I know death is about as permanent as tissue under a tap for MCU but I’m just taking the meaty bits the way a world ending source of power can fall into any simplton just living his life in my imaginary world suddenly has the power to control minds of reanimated the dead without knowing the true strength behind his gift has turned out quite powerful with the right plot hook.

The thing that had me was the way Red Skull was positioned after being a pretty rubbish throw away character in Captain America.

2. Making that 2nd act downtime actually pay off.

Something I’ve always found difficult in D&D is the non combat stuff.

I’ve always been a bit of a Conan style character in my approach. Even Shamash my Dragonborn paladin has ended up the same way after ploughing tons of points into charisma, I still ended up making him a tank. A tank that is forever being knocked out or rolling rubbish when headbutting a rude Npc but still when he connects he’s pretty lethal.

So I struggle with the downtime out of combat with the talking because I as a player don’t really know what to ask or how my character should ask it.

Something I noticed was how an Npc’s character can evolve even after death and how what they did can have an affect on the way the Party perceives future threats.

But only if the character is played in the right way and to a level that the Players can understand as a threat until they realise the greater threat is the one they havent yet discovered.

Placing a key item that will create reactions with a future Npc who knows it only by legend, somebody like the Collector or Vision depending on how I and up with a neutral point of interest whos knowledge is helpful yet fractured.

3rd and Finally(for now) the big battles.

Seriously that battle was amazing! You know the one I’m talking about…

Putting that into my campiagn will be a good challenge but I’ve got an idea one that will allow the tactician to tactic, the murder hobo to murder hobos etc.

It’s one thing I’ve never experienced in D&D, so it will be fun to see how it goes but keeping it smooth for the Players without going full fantasy battles will be something I’ll have to reign in.

Anyway Infinity War was freaking brilliant and I may have to watch it again for funsies.

On top of the jaw droppingly awesome piece of geekness I also managed to get some other gaming planning done.

This was for Massive Darkness, which has been a bit of a mixed bag for me since it arrived.

It’s not a bad game, solid mechanics alongside light dungeon crawling experience and rpg levelling with loot everywhere was a pretty decent selling point. The components are brilliant too.

It just felt a little too light in the end with some of the thematic parts feeling a little tacked on bundled with a really low difficulty curve it hasn’t been played as much as I wanted to.

But one thing the Zombicide / Massive Darkness mechanics work well for is sandboxing. Literally making up your own house mechanics and just adding them to the game to adjust and fine tune those areas that didn’t sit too well.

After a request on on of the community pages on Facebook, for a specific type of story campaign around the elemental box I thought I’d give it a go.

Just one of the quests where the party is separated and must fight to the end battle the wind itself.

Around 3 months ago…

Finally this weekend I managed to get something down.

I’ll be honest my influences are glaringly obvious but more in a homage as opposed to direct copying.

Well that’s was the intention Mr GW copywriter sir 😅.

I mean Orcs have brought their god idol to life , dwarves have made crazy machines in the heart of the mountain it’s not like I’ve directly quoted the battlecry of a Khornate war monger. But I’ve used a couple of ideas.

Ive always felt that was a thing with custom material for sandbox style tabletop gaming. I’ve adapted it to fit the mechanics of massive darkness and made the maps, I just needed some fluff to grease the creative wheels so to speak. I mean it’s just a hook to set the scene and give a reason to the party to be in the dungeon so hopefully it will go down well.

Anyway I’ll be tweaking them over the week and adding a final quest hopefully I’ll get a chance to playtest and do a write up about the first thoughts if anybody is interested.

If you are a fellow Massive Darkness player and want the maps remind me to chuck a Google drive link up.

So the exciting part is that I taught my wife to paint this weekend.

It was weird.

Not bad weird.

I am a habitual overthinker which means I spent most of the time trying to stop myself from saying “are you having fun?” or “what do you think?”

But I think she had fun, and we got the initial colours down and a coat of liquid talent over the mini.

After that we called it and I realised how much it can take out of somebody who isn’t used to staring at armour, muscles and leather for hours at a time.

I realised how and why I can occasionally be a little crochety after painting for a few hours.

Ky-rà looks pretty good so far next week I hope to start on basic highlighting with Becky so she gets to see more of how the mini comes together.

While helping I also managed to get started on repainting the minis I had stripped before and hopefully will have them finished over the next few days to possibly do another building or maybe a different style of mini so that things don’t get stale.

The initial paint job using dip and the colours on the cards

Current colours and progress. I think they’ll have a nicer impact with bolder colours.


How was your weekend?

Have you got any suggestions of films series to watch that could help me develop some fun narrative?

In the meantime,

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Fight On & Roll High!



Getting Back into the Swing of Things. July Summary

Hail friends!

This month has been an incredibly difficult month to get anything at all done!

Unfortunately soon after my honeymoon, I was stuck at work after hours for 2 weeks in order to sort out a stock take and deal with an overwhelming level of chaos and it took a lot of effort to refocus and arrange.

On top of that my wife was ill and any free time was spent nursing her back to health and playing the role of good husband 😀

Then the unthinkable happened and we lost a very dear friend incredibly suddenly.

It has been heartbreaking and really turns life upside down…

But, if hard times are lessons then we have to get back up and keep riding the wave, so to resume your regularly scheduled musings and mayhem from the hobby den over the last week and a bit where I have eeked back some time to do somehting hobby related.

Painting the Horde:

With the arrival of Green Horde a couple of days before the Wedding I had to paint up the Spectral Walkers who were a real ‘must have’ part of the Kickstarter back in 2017.

I wanted to create something dark yet spectral and drew from a couple of very popular worlds in order to create something unique.

Image result for lord of the rings king of the dead

King of The Dead from Return of The King

Image result for game of thrones king of the dead

The Night King from Game of  Thrones








Both pretty iconic in popular culture and looking at how the minis were sculpted I couldn’t resist giving it a go.



First Colour trials



After trying to get an effect I was happy with on the swirling cloaks using Niklah Oxide I wanted to see how it would respond to inks.

Initially, the green Ink looked really great but with all the green from the Orcs that will be on the board during a game the Spectrals needed to be differentiated form the horde of undead greenies and I was inspired by some fellow painters to try some fade out on the robes using blue and black inks.

Image may contain: one or more people


But with the number of minis that are currently populating boxes within the gaming room I wanted to get an effect that would make them quick and easy to finish, plus they can always be worked on and improved at a later point when I run out of minis right?

So Stage 1


Undercoat black and a drybrush of Grey  followed by a drybrush of  White 


Stage 2


Cover the Mini in Niklah Oxide and apply a watered down blue ink to the skin.

Stage 3


Apply a water down black ink to the extremities of the cloak. Then a Green Ink in the recesses of the Robes making the Niklah to black fade more subtle.

Stage 4

A light Drybrush of white over the raised areas and repeat on 17 minis.



Now they are quite rough around the edges buuuut they are tabletop standard and after a bit more practice getting into it I will be going over to create some menace by painting their eyes some sort of glowing green.

I have to say though that Niklah Oxide is a pretty decent paint. Iits so incredibly versatile taking couolours and highlights quite well and allowing me to use its effects in bizzarre ways too.


If you dont have access to a Citadel supplier or dont like citadel Lukes Aps has a homebrew method where he achieves it with basic household gear here;  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOuFf8D1EZI

Monster Mash

On top of these guys, I wanted to finish a monster too.

Trying something new I wanted to go for a stand out centrepiece for an Orc Abomination. Who is normally a boss mini during games of Zombicde.

Initially, I thought a pale colour scheme would be a good idea I mean the pale colours should provide some terror when he spawns amongst a mob of rotters.


No automatic alt text available.

However, when trying to finish him off I felt like I was fighting the mini and the palette I had chosen really wasn’t working in the way I wanted it to.

So in a fit of rage and disappointment in my abilities, I stripped him down and started again this time with a bolder more orcish palette.

Now we have a boss. Pure orc-y-ness and dark magic bundled together into the Abomination ready to tear down the strongest of survivors in a simple crushing blow.


Last but not least I had to have a go at some more worldbuilding because I’m really looking forward to providing the stuff for our D&D game to make a more immersive world and it could double up for Frostgrave: ghost Archipelago (hint hint Becky when you read this ).

I have a huge PDF collection of Fat Dargon papercraft terrain and over the last couple of year have built a few bits only to stop because they are such a pain to make and maintain.

Thanks to Realmsmith on youtube I had another go and managed to get one together with very little anguish or swearing in around 2 hours.

No automatic alt text available.

No automatic alt text available.

I still have a lot of work to do for the terrain build but to have options for a modular town with access to buildings will create a lot of depth to future games, it will be slow but I can’t wait to have a roll out and play modular table sometime soon 😀

I’m hoping that August turns out to be a less turbulent month which means I can post more random hobby antics.

One of the things I’ve done is put a list of plans in a One Note so that I have a loose framework to follow for the next 2 months. It should mean I have a more measured approach to getting more minis painted and also not being as much of a butterfly.

I’ve got some awesome minis to paint up as well as all of the Zombicide heroes so I do want to experiment with Zenith highlights and OSL a little more alongside 3 exquisite minis from Old School Miniatures Kickstarter Circus of Corruption.

Also with the crazy rain-free summer we are having in the UK, I’ve got 2 BBQs planned and some more D&D to play.

I have bought Becky a mini of her own to paint which will be an interesting adventure next month. Hopefully, I can exchange it for driving lessons…

In the meantime,

How has your June/July been? Have you got anything exciting in the pipeline?

Have you ever tried teaching a partner to paint? How did it go?

Fight on & Roll High!


Returning to the Real World! Plus a quick thoughts and impressions on Subscription Miniature Boxes

Ho fellow hobbyists!

Apologies for the radio silence over the last few weeks. I haven’t abandoned you I have just been a little busy getting married and enjoying an all-inclusive romp around St Lucia.

Before I go musing I hope you have all been well and it would be great to see your comments with what you have been up to for the last 3 weeks.

When you comment I also go and read your blog too so the more people who comment the more stuff I get to read on my breaks at work also during my walk to and from work.

What you don’t believe me? I promise I have, plus I want an excuse to show off a wedding picture 😀



With all the hubbub and wedding stuff I have had literally zero chances to really do anything other than think about minis, which didn’t happen much either to be honest.

However, I have ended up with a big backlog of minis to do and its left me feeling a little like I’m in over my head again. But its not going to stop me from painting this time not now I have so many goodies to get through.

It was a real mess sorting this out…

Just before I went galavanting off to the tropics Green Horde Wave 2 arrived. Holy Cardboard Cutouts Batman! I think there are around 200 minis to get through including siege engines and Ginormous Dragons!

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, table and shoes

Clever Girl…

Additionally, my 2nd Model Box arrived which followed a Legends Theme, perfect for me as I was looking for a pretty Badass mini to paint up as I think my Dragonborn Paladin may die next game…

In other Model Box news I didn’t win the Painting Competition, but, the Winner gave me an insight into what I should be aiming for and wow did he do some great work!

The smooth highlights and the attention to the finer details with such a beautiful choice of colours standing out against the stark, drab backdrop really tells a story, I just love it!

Image may contain: one or more people and shoes

Congratulations to Matthew Usher! Picture from the Model Box Facebook Page

This month I won’t be entering the competition due to the fact that everything is up in the air right now but I will be practising and attempt to compete another time. More on this soon I’m sure 😉

Image may contain: shoes

It was really nice to see my work pictured on another post though 😀 https://www.facebook.com/yourmodelbox/posts/596112490755366

However just as I was settling down and looking at what projects I should start box 3 arrived as well as the first mini crate that I bought back in April.

With both arriving at the same time, I thought I might have a little comparison and a little ramble based on my thoughts of them both.

Before I continue I think it is prudent to let you know I have paid for both so there is no sponsored bias here what follows is just my own personal thoughts regarding the 2 services.

I will add links to both homepages in case you are interested, just note  I am not an affiliate and you do not have to click them if you don’t want to.

Image result for mini crate cost uk privateer press

So Mini Crate is a monthly subscription box where you get an exclusive limited run (at least it seems so) mini that is revealed every month in advance of the subscription being taken from your account.


I couldn’t resist ordering this Crate because Alten Van Helsing is a pretty beautiful miniature that screams Bloodborne and will look great alongside one of my all time favourite GW minis Aenur Sword of Twilight from Mordheim.


Image result for mathias thulmann


The packaging is really fun and interesting and the miniature is of a really nice cast and sculpt i really cannot wait to paint him up as a wandering monster hunter possibly in the vain of of Mathias Thulman, a character from Witch Hunter by C. L Werner.

This book is one of my favourites by the way and a really enjoyable fantasy adventure if you can find a printed copy as it is quite an old Black Library book.




Now don’t get me wrong I liked the Mini Crate mini and $18.99 (£14.41) for a mini every month is a wonderful treat! Plus if you make an annual subscription costing $112.99 (£85.77) every 6 months you also get a VIP miniature.

My problem with the mini crate is that there isn’t anything else and the VIP bonus softens the monthly cost slightly but I’m not in a position to shell out that much cash in a single blow, mainly because I’ll forget to save for it).

Also, it took nearly 3months for my first on to arrive which means there is little I can do to plan when I will paint it, and after waiting for so long my eagerness has waned slightly due to the fact I’ve got loads on the backburner at the moment.

So, Mini Crate is a pass for me, unfortunately, but I will keep my eye on their page to see if there is another mini who will join the soon to be troupe of Grim Dark adventurers and monster slayers because the sculpts are amazing and I will paint up Alten, at some point…

If you are interested in the Mini Crate you can check them out at http://www.mini-crate.com

Image result for model box blog

Moving on to Model Box.

Model box is also a monthly subscription box it costs £21.99($28.97) per month plus shipping (£4.99 to the UK £9.99 internationally).

Now model box runs slightly differently, each month has a theme and within the theme, you will get a box of hobby.

This will include minis, terrain and basing bits, paints and sweets (although I can’t eat  Haribo my Wife loves them so she eats them as she unpacks her Birch box)

If you are interested in what I have received for the last 2 months I think I posted somewhere (I’ve made a note to upload some links if I have)

This months theme was titled War 2.0 and I was seriously blown away by the content.

Australian Jungle Division infantry section (Pacific)

Inside the box, I got a whole 10 man squad of Warlord Games Bolt Action Austrailian

Jungle Infantry, a member of Stoessi’s heroes and the next Iteration of the Model Box Fox following the theme for this month(who has been aptly named Rox in case you were curious).





The full haul from War 2.0





This was a bit of a surprise because I actually bought a mini from Warlord Games last week because he was on sale for £2.50 and I couldn’t say no to the style and pose of this guy…







So my thing here is I really don’t like not knowing where my money is going. I tried loot crate for a while and ended up with a load of rubbish apart from a couple pieces of Deadpool memorabilia.

I had the same feelings about Model Box;

Do I really need another box of stuff I won’t ever use? Probably not, I could find a use though,

Do I really care about minis that much? Recently I have found myself looking at them more than game pieces, and I have enjoyed painting so much

Can I not just stick to what I have and finish that?  The last time I did that I burnt out and stopped painting for fun, actually hated it a lot and almost got rid of everything.

Model Box doesn’t have me upset or disappointed so far. I’m actually excited to see what is in the box each month, I mean I don’t paint or play Bolt Action, I don’t know what I’m gonna do with a Machine Gun wielding fox.

But I’ve been given the opportunity to see different brands and different genres without having to do my research or spend ages deciding what I want to pick. The Aussies are pretty great for me because I’ve always loved the Catachan stuff GW do, and now I get to paint them up and attempt new things.

You can probably tell I’m a fan of Model Box. I’m actually a fan of both mini addiction subscription enhancers. But I only have the funds for one and right now I’m staying with Model Box purely because of how it is supporting my hobby by giving me somehting different to paint from the Kickstarter sculpts that, whilst gorgeous, can often get a little samey and lacklustre by the time you paint the same thing for the 15th time…

If you want to check out Model Box you can check them out here: http://yourmodelbox.com/

If you subscribe via this link; http://yourmodelbox.com/?r=38798&s=2072 .You get £2 towards a box and I also get £2 towards mine which is the same for all members so you can also ask your friends if they are subscribers to help them out too.

Again I’m not sponsored or affiliated I just wanted to talk about what is fighting for the hobby time right now.

Still coming up this month I think I have 2 Kickstarter’s inbound and I am going to figure out where to start with this backlog of minis I am expecting a Liono themed mini sometime soon to preview for Lords Of The Motleyverse but I’ll most likely start by finishing off the Carnitaur from Punga Miniatures, because I started him before all the Wedding chaos distracted me 😛

I’m also trying to play around with the layout on here to see if I can find something less plain and more interesting.

In the meantime,

I really need to paint again, it’s like not exercising in a while I can feel a bit of ability fade which has me a little nervous.

Let me know how you are getting along in life, painting and gaming.

Fight On & Roll High,



2 Months On- Monday Musings

I can’t believe how quickly the last 2 months have gone it’s absolutely insane!

Its been a while since I posted but the daily grind has taken over my life and wedding prep has been on my mind as we stare down the final 2-week stretch (actually its now only a week to go!)

I’ve still managed to paint every day before work which has resulted in a completed horde for Zombicide: Green Horde. This has meant over 100 minis have been completed in about 2 months which has actually got me feeling a little smug 😀

However, right now I don’t feel like I am pushing my skills forward. I mean the zombies look really great and finishing them off so quickly is an achievement but there wasn’t any actual skill progression involved other than accurate brush control and speed.

To be honest that’s all I ever did for Games Workshop…new core game? Meh bash that out in a night and make a table in half a day to show off the new stuff…

The other day I painted up Lord Dreadcore from Lords of The Motleyverse.

I set myself a little experiment, due to his badassness, to see if I was able to make a lave base out of a bottle cork.

I spent all day painting him up and finishing the base. Personally I really love how he turned out and he is living pride of place on my new PC.

But I feel that I can do better.

When it comes to technique I need something to make me feel uncomfortable, worried and almost make me hate doing it…ok hate doing it is a little too far…

I question myself, what would happen if I spent 2 or 3 sessions painting a miniature? How will that change my technique and approach?

During the 30 days challenge, I was trying glazing, painting white, large models in a day, OSL, NMM etc.

The last month I’ve painted fast…15-20mins per model fast.

I think I may also be experiencing a little hobby fatigue…

It’s my fault; new job, wedding, blog and painting all in the same 2 month period something will give eventually.

So I’ve made a decision.


I’m not a very competitive person, when I play games I like the story and killing monsters, I mainly play co-op because I want to make sure I have somebody to talk to for the rest of the night after the game is complete.

Every month Model Box does a painting competition in order to win more goodies which is kinda cool, I don’t think I can win but if I try it means that I have a chance to learn where I stand and what I should look at improving on.

Maybe mixing it up and painting something different is the right way to go.

I’m still setting an objective. I’ve got 1 month to finish a miniature, that’s not too bad it means I can do other projects at the same time such as finish off board game hordes.

There is a slight box of shame feeling going on at the moment because of all the stuff I want to do but not able to do. So focusing on 2 or 3 different projects will mean I can keep focused on my goals.

The projects are no longer specific until started. I’m doing 3 categories:

Batches, Competition, Personal.

I’ve done my batches for the month also achieved my goal to finish them.

Competition- Ive got some final highlights and basing for Cartfox.

Personal- Right now I’ve got 2 Minis that I cant wait to paint.

Battle Doge I think I will be basing him on this and paining it up real nice.

King Shu-Krah- Getting some olive skin, maybe some tattoos and having another go at a Lava Base.

How are your painting lists right now?

Have you got any tips for competitions?

Monday Musings: Limited hobby time, Model Box Impressions and More Plans.

This last week has gone really quick and it’s been a little bit of a shock to the system.
All of a sudden i have gone from a lot of free time, where I could start any project I feel like an being able to complete it whenever I feel like it, to a 9-5 job which has restricts my hobby time to a half-hour in the morning and an hour to an hour and a half in the evening.

My new morning Ritual

Where does the time comes from?

Well in the morning I have a habit of being ready for work and hour before I have to leave and I’ve found painting has been a good little gain workout to get me ready for the day by achieving something before 9. It is a risk by the way…I did get carried away one morning and had to run to work.

I managed to get all the Fatty skin done this morning in about 45mins.

In the evening I’m spending time with my other half making dinner and getting everything ready for the morning but after watching a YouTube video recently by Black Magic Craft who basically spoke about howhe managed to get more done without watching as much TV.

My fiancee loves GBBO

Personally, I normally have something on in the background whilst I’m painting but I’ve really enjoyed the podcasts lately.

Note: Don’t watch GBBO or Countdown when you are painting because you start speeding up hen they play the tense music!

Anyway, hobby time has become limited and right now I am learning about maximising the potential and getting stuff done.
I’m not complaining here , this is not me complaining about the fact I have to work…I really like my new job because it means more minis!
So I have approximately 2hours per day to play with. That’s actually not too had, to be honest I probably get more done in those 2 hours over the occasional binge day of hobby.

What has it meant though?

It just means that I need to plan a little bit more as opposed to my current butterfly like approach of jumping between projects quicker than the wind changes.
Looking back, this approach is what resulted in the Box of Shame and why the 30 days challenge was great for coding testing majority of it out.
Now I have the shelf of Progress, he that just become more positive version of the box of shame?
Yes and no, I am having I prioritise more now which means focusing on singular projects on a week by week basis be knowing what I want to do in that week really helps.
I recently spoke to somebody who runs a free start up business course and he was talking about his monthly reflective sessions here he sits down and looks and what he has completed for the month and how he could be better.
Personally this isn’t something for me, well not to the extent that I was shown, but making a plan seems to work…well more of a list of stuff I want to do in the her future
Right now I have the following stuff on my list:
Green Horde

Green Horde has been the most recent addition to my collection. What I want to do is get them done to a good tabletop standard so I have some to work on the heroes and make them look super nice without being overrun by all the plastic when he second wave arrives in June.

Target : Finish them by 29th May

Model Box

I received my first Model Box this month and astrally impressed by the sheer amount of awesomeness in the box.

This resin piece is so damn pretty!

I’ve always wanted to paint a Ral Partha Mini and this will go well as a Motherworm

Lots of chests and rats meant I could make some intere sting dungeon dressings

I don’t really have a use for most of it, and that’s actually ok!

I mean there was an awesome about of tuff in here that just said Paint Me!!!!!

Now I actually dont like the loot box stuff. But, I think this is something that will be really useful to me.

Why? Is going to give me a chance to try new things every month and give me a bunch of minis that will be different from on going projects.

I’ll be keeping the subscription going for now as it’s an ideal thing for me.

Plus there is a competition every month to win some more stuff so I should attempt to get my Paint on by the end of this month right?

Task: Paint up the Competition Entry

Punga Miniatures Battledoge.

This is just so damn pretty!!!! I have no reason to getting this guy except pure dice god’s be canned prettiness!!

I mean Punga Miniatures need to do some work on their packaging and I need a bigger base but damn it was worth the 3 week wait!!

Target : Make it look pretty sometime soon…Reassess next month

4 Horse-y-mans

What do you I should stop buying pretty things and deciding on interesting projects that are just me string excited?

Target: On the back burner for now because I wouldn’t mind sitting down and making these look really cool.

Other stuff:

That was my main set of projects In a little stuck with my terrain build right now because I wanted to send my days off focused on that but my next few days off will be predominantly wedding focused so that’s on hold until I get settled the work and my rota settles down.

Then it’s the 3 main bugbears Guildball, Massive Darkness and Conan…what to do with these? This is a difficult one, but they are on the Paint list too and right now it to ensure that they are finished by the end of the year…I hope…😂🤣

How are your Paint queues looking? Have I over thought this?

Have you got any big projects coming up any time soon?

In the meantime I should probably iron my stuff for work tomorrow.

Fight On & Roll High!


The Lords of The Motleyverse! Monday Musings

Happy Monday all!

Welcome to the first Monday Musing where I talk about exciting miniature stuff and laugh maniacally because I end up so excited.

Today, I want you to remember back in those Dark ages before the internet.

The ages where Saturday Cartoons reigned upon high.

Conan the Barbarian, GI Joe, Voltron, Transfomers and my personal faves He man & Thundercats!

Source: https://lordmesa.deviantart.com/art/He-Man-n-Lion-O-3D-259348268

Those were the days…

I want to talk about something I’ve been waiting for over a year to arrive now and it’s finally coming to Kickstarter in August!

Last year a relatively new company appeared showing off some really cool looking super heroic 32mm scale minis. The pictures of these minis had me back watching those muscle bound heroes and villains battling it whilst I ate my Frosties and collected the free toy boglins and Monster Wrestlers.

But who was it that was able to grant my wish for tabletop 80s cartoon games?

Enter Robot World Toy, headed by Kevin C Reaves and Marty Henley.

These guys also have alot of love for the very cartoons I grew up on as well as the old school powerhouses of Godzilla and Ultraman I missed out on.

For the past 4 years Kevin and Marty have been developing and play testing Lords of The Motleyverse from am initial concept of Kung Fu battles on a 10″x10″ tabletop and transforming it into a fast paced, skirmish game packed with 80’s references.

Reaching out to Kevin recently, and being a fan of alteration, I was very happy when he referenced Motleyverse as a Multi Model Murderfest !!!

So how does the game work?

Lords of the Motleyverse is a 2-4 Player skirmish game that can be played on a 12″x12″ or 18″x18″ board.

The 4 factions in the game each have their own unique look and abilities.

I’ll speak to the Robot World Team and see if I can get a better picture.

Combat involves punching and kicking your opponents across a board riddled with traps that, from demo videos feels to me like those action scenes in cartoons of yore!

Trap you say?! Yes traps ranging from Moving Buzzsaws and Spike Pits to Man Eating Skull Pillars ready to ruin any and everybody’s day.

What’s more is the core box has 60 custom dice which are used to make attack and defensive rolls and vary depending on the faction and hero type involved.

The intention for the game is to last between 30-90 minutes depending on the amount of players and size of the table. This is great for warm up games before and epic adventure or for those nights where you just want to squeeze a quick battle in.

To see more about gameplay check out some videos over at Robot World Toys YouTube;


So what’s got me excited?

Well if you didn’t already know 80s cartoons are awesome and my soon to exist children will have no choice but to watch them on occasion.

The chance to have something like this on the table would add a unique type of action game to my expanding collection of epic games to play with my family and friends.

I would say that I think that a more colourful board would be my only “criticism” about everything I’ve seen so far. Additionally there is definitely an opportunity for a swamp themed board and also a volcano battle.

The minis are a very unique selling point and I have to make a shout out to Kevin’s unique design approach to all the characters because they are looking so cool!

Although if you happen read this Kevin you have missed out on the opportunity to craft up a Liono themed member of the Motleyverse and I will cry with joy if he could fight a King Kong over a Volcano 😉😆.

Just to note; I have not received payment for this I reached out to Kevin and he has been awesomely generous and sent me a Mini to paint up and show off in advance of the August Kickstarter!

So as soon as it arrives I’ll be getting even more excited and will be showing off a surprise mini as well as painting him or her up in a truly awesome style dedicated to the bright cartoons of the 80’s.

In the meantime, mark your callendars and follow Robot World Toys on Facebook and let them know which your favourite minis are:


Also if you are a fellow Thundercats Enthusiast bug them for Liono too hahaha.

Fight On & Roll High!

Wishing you all the best week,


Painting the Plastic Hordes

Ok so Kickstarter is making it so easy to get millions of minis at a relatively low price.

This is how I’ve ended up with so many in a relatively short period of time.

One of the things that happens to me when these games arrive is I get excited open everything get even more excited and then put everything away and wonder how I’m gonna paint it all.

Most of the time the minis in these games fall into 3 categories:

  • Loads of minis that are similar sculpts that are on and off the board quite regularly.
  • Player Characters and main villains who need that extra bit of love.
  • Big Minis like monsters and bosses that need to make an impact.

I suppose that same sentiment can be used to approach war game armies.

However if and when I go back to war games I will be using a very different approach to what I did with my Ogre Kingdom Horde from Warhammer 8th Edition.

For Boardgames the detail, whilst ridiculously amazing for most miniature games, cannot hold a candle to the likes of those released by Games Workshop and as a result most of the time I want tabletop quality especially when it comes to the Hordes of minis.

When I got Black Plague I followed Sorastros method of using army painter dip.

This was a mistake, it was also a mistake for many new painters too, and it’s a method that should be used for more advanced painters who know their paints and brushes.

Source War and Peace Games

I’ve seriously seen minis that have so much dip on them you can’t see the details any more and that makes me sad.

I’m sorry if you ever read this Sorastro, thank you for the guide. But moving forward I hate that stuff and it isn’t as forgiving as washes which provided the same effect.

On the other hand I don’t want to spend forever painting the same 5 sculpts to the best of my ability because I think I’d go insane.

So I need a simple approach that gets a decent standard of painting quickly and without burning out.

What I’m going for right now is testing the approach and seeing how I can do it without getting fed up.

After painting the 40 goblins in Massive Darkness I didn’t paint for about 4 months purely because all I did was paint the same 2 sculpts the same colours 40 times!

I’m not doing this again. It wasn’t fun it wasn’t quick it was easy and they look great but it nearly killed my love of painting altogether.

So Green Horde has 35 Orcs, 14 Goblin Runners and 14 Fatties. That’s 63 horde minis across 9 sculpts an average of 7 minis per sculpt.

That much green over and over again would be dull and that feeling would transfer over to the finished piece and nothing would be good.

Before going into what I’ve done I have to say that investing in decent high pigment paints makes this so much easier.

I’m predominantly using Coat D Arms and Vallejo throughout this mission. The reason is I can thin them down with water and still get decent coverage and a solid colour in a single coat especially with the yellow skin tones I love that colour :).

Stage 1 Get Organised

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way and spray all of the minis.

Follow this by choosing which group to paint next.

I started with the Goblins (I know I’m a glutton for punishment)

Fortunately this was only 14 minis so it was a good start.

Step 2 Mix it up.

So I got the Gobbos out and ready to go and first of decided that there must be more colours to goblins than green.

I mean they are a horde of zombie goblins that have come from all over the land so there is an option to change the skin tone.

Ok yea this works let’s have a go.

So I split the Goblins down to 7 pairs with a sculpt in each and painted each one a different skin tone by changing either the paint I used or the wash that went over it.

I also did the same with the Orcs a week later

The main focus here is to keep it simple with the colours.

A basecoat and wash is the start here. I will finish with a simple highlight and edge highlight because you can always go back and make it better when you have painted every miniature…

I didn’t do this with the Goblins but here are the Orc colours which were a single coat and wash.

It’s ok to be a little messy here but brush control is important just to make painting clothes and other parts of each mini easier later.

Stage 3 Mix It up again!

So after all the washes dried I sorted the minis into random groups so for single colour clothing to be batch painted.

Whilst doing this there were a few times where I had missed areas of skin such as shoulders and whole legs. So this is a good chance to check that all are covered.

So far I’m 3 hours into painting the orcs and I’ve got 10 left at this point.

I’m budgeting 6 hours for the 35 Orcs overall. Which leaves me with 3 hours to pick out details, highlights and apply finishing touches. So there might be some overlap however most of these final parts are the same colours and can be blasted out 20mins before I leave for work every morning.

The Goblins were pretty much finished here and by alternating 4 or 5 colours for the clothes they had a pretty rabble feel but still holding a theme together.

Stage 4 Wash and Final Highlights.

The gobbos are sorted now a simple black wash and highlight was all that I needed.

So here we are with the finished Goblins ready to hit the board after a few hours spent on them.

They look tidy, simple and easy to distinguish on the table.

I wouldn’t want to spend any longer in these guys to be honest, one reason being that the mold lines and faults across their faces have completely ruined the details so I decided not to bother with mold line removal.

This is something very common with the mini board games so I’m not too fussed. These guys appear and disappear so quickly they need to look good on the board and they do :).

This is my first attempt at a tutorial thing. Have I missed anything?

Let me know in the comments on what you would like to see!

In the meantime, I’m painting the Necromancer and Abomination as minis to spend time on and also making plans for a model box project.

Plus I’m starting a new job on Monday which will adjust my hobby time and it means truly understanding the hobby/life balance.

Fight On & Roll High!