Challenge Completed! 30 miniature journeys in 30 days

30 Days ago on a Facebook Group a really nice guy called Andrew posted about his 30 minis in 30 days challenge and invited people to join him.

I want to start off by thanking him for this idea!

Over the last 30 days I have accomplished so much more then I would’ve by just painting.

I’ve accomplished more then just putting paint on 30 minis

So I’ve made a list of things I’ve accomplished and realised whilst sharing the pictures of all the minis.

Brush Control– Putting Brush to Mini everyday has improved my ability to control where the brush goes. Almost every mini has painted eyes.

Colour Control– By thinning paints with washes and glazes I’ve been able to understand that making colours bolder is a skill unto itself

Having a reference or plan helps– Prior to this challenge I was painting because I needed to get them out of the way and off my conscious so I didn’t feel the Hobby Guilt. By having an idea of what colours/palette/finish I was aiming for I enjoyed the aspect of actually painting.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan– That’s not a bad thing. But I’ve learnt when to say “Done!” and be happy with what I have learnt.

Painting Groups/Mobs need a little extra thought– Jumping to a different thing everyday kept things fresh, but I occasionally forgot what colours I used to get certain effects so either do a stage of them together or keep notes.

Don’t Rush!-Yea, painting this cyclops was painful, 8 hours was knackering but I like the finished product and can’t wait to slay her in a dungeon!

Not all minis are equal– Sometimes you have a favourite and want to do your best, sometimes the mould has slipped, sometimes you want to try something new. It adds character to your collection.

I’m not a photographer– But I’m getting better and I’m making a lightbox

Try New Things and Find Out How– I’ve tried loads of different techniques over the last month, by trying I know I can do better next time, by asking I can learn the secrets of how to do it easier.

Don’t Just Paint What You Know- Trying different models meant seeing the same thing in different ways and changed the way I thought about layers and highlights because sculptors do things differently too .

You don’t have to paint!- If you aren’t in the mood don’t feel bad.

I kept beating myself up with this aspect and it stopped me from painting in general.

Love All The Minis! Early in the challenge I had a chance to get my hands on some resin casts for a kickstarter by the Old School Miniatures Company ( I’m super grateful for the chance to paint them. It gave me a new outlook on painting all my minis because of it!

Most people will probably just call this common knowlede, but sometimes if you get stuck in a rut don’t feel guilty just take a break and come back later.

I have fallen out of love with Army Painter stuff now. It’s great for the price but the more I was painting the more issues I had with consistency and it got annoying.

For my next painting challenge I’m going to be getting the Green Horde (The horde minis) painted using a £20 paint set that should be arriving tomorrow.

I’ll be trying to get them looking tabletop ready but individual with minimal effort and avoiding burn out.

If you are a CMON fan, orc and goblin painter or just generally interested in what I’m doing follow me on here or

In the meantime, Plans are still going ahead for building the terrain however it’s taking longer then expected to gather all the materials together!

Fight On & Roll High



What’s going on?

So a follow up to my previous post about the game I had an idea for.

Its been done!

What does this mean for my grand idea that I thought was unique and amazing?

It was obviously unique and amazing, I’m just too late!

But I’m giving this a go for sure.

It looks like a crunchy set of rules which allows me to double the use of all my minis and build terrain!

That’s all I wanted really something to bud terrain and paint minis and not lose games all the time because my Fiancee is apparently a tactical genius, that’s the dream 🙂

So for now the dream shall remain just that. But time will tell…


The 30 days challenge is nearing completion and I have to say it’s been an experience.

-I’ve got 2 days to go and I’m on target for over 30 minis to show off.

I’m ready to start painting Green Horde and get that on the rotation. Hopefully painting the majority before a HUMAN-GOOSE sized box of minis titled wave 2 arrives at my door in June.


On a personal note I am going to be learning a lot about work-life balance over the next few months.

Prior to know I was working a way a lot but also had a lot of free time when I was home, although in ever seemed to do anything…

The next month is going to be my first 9-5 job in about 6 years so I have a steep learning curve to include painting, gaming and obviously being a good almost husband to my nearly wifey.

But mainly the painting, that’s the important part 😉

I’m also getting married next month too!

So if things go quiet I apologise in advance.


Hobby plans are still in motion:

I need to fill this carpet with terrain!

These were pretty so I have to do something with them 🙂

This should be interesting…

I’ve got a cool temporary logo!- More on that as it develops

“I’ve got loads of minis still to paint and more on the way”.-Every hobbyist ever.

I have also got a makeshift photobox to build in order to take better photos. For this I would like to thank General Information of the Googling Detachment for providing me with some pointers and guidance in getting the best out of a phone camera.

Busy times!

In the meantime, thanks for the likes comments and follows over the last month. I hope that you will join me on this continued journey down life and hobby lane!

Let me know if there is something you would like to see more of.

Fight On & Roll High!


Scrawlings of a Skirmishers Dream Pt 1.

I’ve been planning and tinkering all week and I thought I should share some ideas I have, maybe airing the idea could help me refine it…

I came up with this desire to do something like this a while ago.

I’ve mentioned it every so often but now I’m designing my table terrain and I like modular stuff so it’s all working together.

One day I looked at this steadily growing Pile of Awesome Plastic and thought how can I combine it all together?

I want to have a Co-op skirmish experience, mainly because if I keep losing to my Fiancee I may actually cry…

Why skirmish? I think it’s a style of game I really enjoy, the rules are crunchy and accessible, plus you can add lighter role-playing aspects to the game but focus mainly on the action.

On top of tabletop gaming I enjoy reading a few videogames here and there.

Xcom is a current favourite of mine, it’s like Mordheim but I can play it alone. Xcom is corny in the story, it’s very tropey but that tacticalaspect of the game and the levelling and the love you get for a character is so weird.

It was the same in Mordheim too.

Could you imagine dropping a group of Adventurers into a fantasy wasteland/city and just going badass hero on the invading forces?

Yea I want that on the table 🙂

Fantasy Skyranger anyone?

The Theme/Idea

I love the idea of an apocalypse in a fantasy setting, I’m not talking about zombies though.

I’m thinking Fallout, not like Dark Sun that has great stuff but it’s not quite what I’m looking at.

The way I think is there has been some sort of Cataclysm, the world is damaged for sure, but it’s not a wasteland…not in the way that Fallout is a radiation filled desert of wonder and mystery.

The world has reset after the Cataclysm, but things aren’t too civilised. Every one is trying to survive, but a world order isn’t quite their villages are under threat from crazed orcs, giants just roam through a town on their way to a meet and things are just a little chaotic.

Not Warhammer Chaos, although thinking about it some crazed worshipper cult would be a fun encounter, just disorganised without any leadership to protect them.

Communities have their own laws and ways of defending themselves. I’m sure there are a few bands of knights who have a larger society/racket going on with a you feed us and we build walls for you approach but I haven’t got that far yet.

So as a group of wandering adventurers, wandering reasons unknown, are just passing by and there is a major encounter happening.

Maybe a town is being ransacked, maybe it’s and ambush on them, maybe they have found the entrance to a dragons treasure horde but they are under threat from an enemy assault.

Putting this on a tabletop would be fun I had to give it a go.

Testing Time

I posted on a Facebook Group abo ut it and showed off a massive table (Ikea Norden) filled with a Paizo Forest Flip Mat, Descent tiles and a Battlesystems Fantasy Dungeon.

I used the word “Hybridify”…Basically the intention is to have a solo/coop skirmish adventure where casual gamers can have a bit of an adventure using all the stuff they have and it doesn’t matter what it is.

This experiment was too big I went overboard.

Far too big, it took about 8 hours to play through alone and then even to tidy it up was even longer.

On a smaller scale (3’x3′ to 2’x2′) a lot of action can happen in a skirmish game.

I randomised the terrain layout across the map, used info from a range of resources to theme some of the terrain.

For example, cursed water hole, camp being ransacked, destroyed village in haunted by a very full ogre

Imagine, as the bunch of travelling adventurers, you are on your way to slay the Ogre in the Ransacked Village only to come across a fallen cart.

You don’t know what could happen, it could be an ambush, it could be an npc in need of your help, it could be abandoned and filled with mysterious treasure, that treasure could be cursed, it could be empty and the team has just wasted an action.

So I thought about it and if there was a division of encounters, major and minor, on the map it could add to the singular motive of a party.

So during the terrain set up I placed 4 minor encounters into the map that were decided upon by a dice roll, I prefer cards but I didn’t have any to hand.

As my group of adventurers approached the fallen cart to investigate they failed an awareness check and out jumped some goblins from the nearby thicket.

This thicket was a spider thicket, the gobbos didn’t know, so all of a sudden I had 3 way combat happening…hmm interesting but could get complicated.


So I’ve been reading tons and tons of rule books the list is massive, but here are some main ones:

Other world Fantasy skirmish

This is Not a Test


Open Combat



Warhammer Fantasy Role play



Black Ops

Four Against Darkness

I would like to create something that is simple and the Target Number approach is a dream.

It makes things simple enough by looking at a situation and adding or subtracting numbers before rolling.

Setup for a game is card based.

Terrain is semi randomised.

You draw a major encounter card, that’s your main quest.

It could have specific Terrain, rules and actions but it would be positioned based on the dice roll and the type of enemy would also be drawn.

With that enemy type here would be an impact on the map, maybe the bandit slavers set up tolls or barricades, Orcs have set up a bug bear patrol, Goblins have a horn to call for reinforcements etc. So there are varied behaviours.

On top of the main quest, there are chances of minor encounters, smaller ones based upon the terrain. They could be nothing at all, just a mysterious wind blowing through a thicket, or they could be dangerous wild animals, or maybe a friendly cohort of local hunters willing to help.

Then your team of plucky adventurers are ready to go, well soon anyway.

What’s Next?

The next part is getting some terrain done I think.

I have an idea and I have to playtest it plus I have loads of games to play in the meantime which may change things.

But this is just an excuse to make terrain first too!

I bought this rug last week and now I have to get it looking good enough so I can play everything I want to play.

I did a set up to see how much in can get on the space I have and I can definitely get more terrain on the table I just need to make it.

So the plan is currently to plan in effect.

I have a tester quest I’m writing up at the moment which I will share w he it’s done if anybody wants to try.

But without the terrain ready I can’t do anything yet so onwards to the first step I guess.

I’m doing tons of research to build up a list of things I need to build and adding them to a YouTube playlist:

I mean these guys are the bees knees when it comes to being awesome.

I’m pretty fired up for this at the moment, hopefully I’ve actually put something legible up…

In the meantime, apologies for the long break between posts.

Fight On & Roll High,


Painting Plots and Planning Projects

So I’ve been painting a lot lately, I know it’s a shock to me too!

I can’t remember if I said that I’m getting to play D&D with a new group, plus I’m playing a paladin thanks to a convincing argument by Luke @ Start Your Meeples.

It’s a perfect time because I bought Massive Darkness to have models available for fantasy gaming especially D&D and just as I got round to painting them the opportunity fell in my lap.

So this was interesting for me when it came to painting up Shamash. Normally when I paint I have a tendency to go with box art, I have been starting to stray. When I have painted my own colours they are normally what feels right at the time

Shamash was different. Shamash has a history, a background, a personality he breathes acid!!!

So when it came to painting. Colours were decided and I had to add something to him from his history.

Also I had to practice some gutteral hissing when saying Shamash…

So Shamash is the sole surviving member of a Nomadic Dragon Born Tribe, the Spectral Claw. The tribe had a druidic relationship with nature believing that being just to nature is the purpose of the tribe.

Already an outcast from his Green Scaled kin, Shamash hatched with black and scarlet markings.

Whilst Outcast his tribe accepted him but he was often alone and spent long times in commune with nature and became a strong hunter solidifying respect among his kin.

There were 2 thing Shamash needed:

A holy trinket and I thought that he would add in himself with the armour of his fallen chief. Taking an oath of honour to ensure the tribe legacy lives in through his actions bearing the mantle of the Spectral Claw.

An excuse for the mismolded face…

I’m gonna need some help with that 😦

Any way I was thinking about it and realised that is done it one before with a Goblin Agent from Massive Darkness.

As I painted him I was playing Shadow of War on the Pc and saw some war paint and had to put it on this guy an set him up as an assassin or warlord for future stories.

So Shamash has been a bit of a start to something lately.

With 9 minis left of the 30 day challenge I am looking to the next thing and thought it would be a good chance to talk about my next projects that should be an interesting journey over the next year.

I’ve got a plan in mind for a mini, it’s going to be super exciting because it’s inspired by Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Helsing and Berserk. I want to design a scene of solitude in the dark, which means some OSL (again) and I want to try NMM too…big dreams

Also I bought a green carpet from Aldi. So it’s time to make some terrain and I had to get inspired to build something up over the next year.

Finally I want to continue on talking about games and painting projects like Guild Ball, Games Workshop and new things I’m trying that are going to fill the hobby desk with plastic magic :).

In my random internet ramblings I read a lot about creativity is done best in 2 hour stints and multiple projects help breathe fresh air into that creative drive, so let’s see how that goes with this.

For those of you out there, who are like me and try to climb a mountain in one step. How do you plan and manage multiple projects?

In the meantime, I should get today’s mini out of the way.

Fight On & Roll High!


Lukes Aps Tufts First Impressions

I planned on doing this review before Luke launched his competition but hopefully I’ll get a chance to enter if somebody sees this. (Wink Wink)

Plus if I win I get to talk about more stuff!

But I thought of it first I just have a reason to do it faster now :).

So Luke has been a real inspiration of mine over the last couple of years. He started in the hobby relatively recently and being a really clever guy noticed he could make scenery at a fraction of the cost that other places charge and make videos for newbies like me to try at home.

The stuff he puts in YouTube is really easy to follow; Luke has that “Blue Peter Charisma” where he makes you feel you can do stuff as good as he can, I haven’t has much luck yet but it gave me the guts to try and I’m definitely getting better.

Painting up lots and lots of minis lately has also brought out the basing beast inside me.

Coffee grounds and Easter Moss has been a great start to my diy crafting. Which currently extends to some tree bases and my marsh scatter bases too.

So I ordered these about 2 weeks ago and the Dead Grass Tufts are finally here!!!

I’m not complaining about the wait. Luke is making these all by hand and I still have to finish painting stuff before I can use them.

The packaging is simple and there isn’t much to say really because Tufts aren’t particularly fragile.

There were a couple of tufts that have stuck together from a little bit of glue seepage but they come apart fine with no damage.

So I’ve bought these for 2 reasons 1 to add some spot colours to my terrain so that I can get a swampy vibe with lush greens and sickly yellows.

So here are some before and after shots of how it works for my terrain.

For the marshes In quite happy because it’s created a middle colour between the reeds (paintbrush bristles thanks Luke) and the swamp weed. The dead grads has brought something just a little inbetween the two.

I think I’ve gone for the wrong colour with for the forest bases. I’m not really quite sure yet so I haven’t glued these on because I have to finish the rest of the forest bases and see how they tie together. Right now I’m sure that I need some other colour on the base just to create a bit of vibrancy.

Also I want to use these on minis.

Opening the box I wasn’t 100% sure. These are quite big and there isn’t much variety in shape and size of the tufts.

So they are definitely not too big. Deadpools pudding bases has always needed something that distracts the eyes and it is a good size.

The real test was to see how it works with my coffee base that I’ve used for the Circus of Corruption Minis I’ve been gushing about so much lately.

I’m pretty happy with this too. But there are a few tufts where you can see the glue through the grass which will require some creative fixing.

Now they don’t look 100% pro and that’s because I haven’t based any of these things with the intention for using grass tufts.

I want to be basing up Conan by Monolith using these tufts, some see If ground texture and some skulls.

The tufts are going to come in perfect for that project, when I get round to it.

So onto my thoughts and impressions.

Tufts are widely available for use with modelling. I have had previous experience with the GW ones and some off eBay. I would say that when you are buying these quality is the main aim of the game here.

You want tufts that are gonna stay together, stay on the base and also you want them to look good.

What’s really great about the Aps range are the different colours you can get so you can really choose based on the theme of your current project.

For £8-9 these are the same price as the Games Workshop and that is not a bad thing. Now Luke has the range of colours but I think the varied shapes provided by GW are something missing with these.

I feel that I’m nit picking and I’m not trying to be rude. I mean to hand make 200 tufts to order is a feat of mastery. But it’s important to see what else is around.

Why is shape such a thing?

If I base a huge amount of minis I wouldn’t want all the bases looking similar. The variety in the GW pack is the bonus here.

BUT having used them in the past you’ll be buying 2 or 3 packs for an Army to get the sizes you like.

With these you can just cut them down, it takes time but what doesn’t.

Personally I’d rather have the colour I like over the shape.

Now my opinion is 100% bias towards Luke but I wouldn’t have bought any off eBay due to the previous experiences with a box of glue dots and loose static grass arriving in a box.

I now have over 100 tufts to use in future paint jobs which is really cool, it should just about cover the paint queue for some nicer basing options.

The colours are working with my Paizo Swamp Flip Mat

I’m really tempted to give Deadpool a Fro though…Luke if you read this I need 1 red and black purple glittery fro tuft please.

In the meantime I’m off to Celebrate Games Workshop Bristols Birthday today maybe I’ll catch you there 😉

Showcasing some joy!

Earlier on this week things got emotional.

I got a response on how people have started painting because of what I wrote or how people have avoided that feeling of guilt and 2 things have happened for me personally:

  • I’ve just cut the amount of models in the Box Of Shame down by about 50 and it feels good!
  • I need a new name for the Box Of Shame.

Before I carry on I wanted to provide a little more history about the Box Of Shame…

The Box Of Shame was a place where any minis that I decided to start and not finish go until I get round to finishing them. This is because my painting table is also my gaming table.

Plus it keeps the future Mrs happy to have a tidier house in preparation for the arrival of a miniature thundercat sometime in the next few years.

So the Box was jokingly referred to as Shameful because of how minis seemed to end up in there because I had done a crazy batch painting session of a single colour and burnt out or I decided to paint something else instead or I ran out of a paint and never got round to buying it.

I love playing games as much as I love painting and so long as the paint is dry the models still end up on the table no matter what stage of painting they are in. But I would always try and avoid using some models because they weren’t finished and would rather have bare plastic or finished jobs in the table as opposed to half painted so the Box Of Shame actually developed a bit of a hold over my hobby…

The only way to beat it was to paint.

18 days ago I started a challenge and as I said earlier this week I have found that I wanted to paint again.

Over the last 3 days the aim has been to get the half finished minis out of the Box and back into their game box.

So it’s been done and I thought about it and decided for those of us who have experienced hobby guilt in some way shape or form should know of hobby joy?

That thing when you open a box most of it is painted. That should be celebrated, that’s part of why we paint, share pictures or minis, find hilarious gifs to represent the adoration of others painted minis.

(Note I find some of the stupidest gifs on that Facebook keyboard and just send them to my friends and family for no reason sometimes)

So after finishing the main glut of minis that had been tormenting me I thought I’d do a little showcase in an attempt to help anyone suffering from hobby guilt to look at what they have done instead of what they haven’t.

Also to show off…and maybe see some silly gifs, I like silly gifs 😶.

So Massive Darkness arrived last August and I burnt out around November.

I had finished Black Plague in March and used Sorastros YouTube guide. So in a year this is what I’ve got to show for myself:

Ok so that’s hundreds of minis completed. That’s freaking nuts.

Now I feel good, the hobby guilt will return but I’ve still got a plan and won’t be bribing myself anymore.

Whilst I was looking at this mass of pigment and plastic I realised what the problem was; I was putting down minis to protect myself from myself.

If I wasn’t happy with how a mini was going I’d put it away and with the intention to come back later.

So I want to challenge anyone and everyone who is a painter.

Grab 10 models.

5 are your favourite minis that you have painted in the last year.

5 are from the earliest you have from when you started.

Share them where ever you can and just encourage a conversation.

If you are relatively new to painting just share your minis!

The guilt should be gone we should be sharing pride more.

I’m going paint what I want but with the range I have I’ll be jumping between games to keep myself going apart from the occasional bit of batch painting (a personal bugbear of mine) but more in that another time.

Oh yea the Box Of Shame…it’s actually gone.

I’ve binned it and where it once sat; judging me, hiding my dark secrets, shielding me from my indecisions and overly zealous projects. Is shelf bearing my Wips (because there is space for it now).

It bears the name SHELF OF SHAME!!

Jokes I’ve just called it The Progress Shelf .

It’s positive and it’s not got that connotation that spawned that fake voice in my head or the feelings that the minis inside came alive at night to torment my dreams.

We paint and we play it’s our hobby it’s supposed to be put down and picked up for other things.

This was a weird post but I wanted to put something up that was happy and say that those who are suffering from hobby guilt.

Look at what you have done it’s pretty good!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

In the meantime,

Fight On & Roll High!


Revisiting the Box Of Shame and dealing with hobby guilt!

I have a friend who runs a podcast.

I’m not in touch as much as I used to be but he always talks about the emotional aspects of the hobby. He’s also great at making you feel good about your stage in the journey. Thanks Dan the lesson rings truer then ever today 😉

I’ve mainly written this for those who, like me, have a habit of letting their hobby become too much work instead of fun.

So I’ve complete 14 minis so far in the 30 day Challenge, I am struggling a little bit today…I think I praised Nurgle too much and have been blessed with the plague.

I’ve painted white, large models, wash free skin tones, spectral tones, black skin, true metallic metal and generally getting things done has been quite rewarding.

I’ve done a typical hobby move whe got excited and started painting up Guild Ball when I wanted to use the challenge to empty the Box Of Shame.

Box of Shame lives above my brushes.

So where does that leave me now?

After an interview today (I got the job btw :D) I sat down with a cuppa and thought about what I want to paint over the next week.

This is a real new thing for me, normally I set myself a task and paint what I have told myself I need to get out of the way.

Massive Darkness has been a bit of a hobby killer for me because I told myself I must paint the mobs (10-20 models of the same sculpt) before I have earned the right to paint a character, such as a hero, boss or agent.

A sea of Grey Plastic

The thing is I wasn’t enjoying it, I’ve done it in the past with Zombicide Black Plague which I basecoated and dipped but a year later I look at the box and I want to repaint everything.

The colours are washed out, especially on the heroes and there are obvious mistakes where I’ve just been painting by rote and not really engaging with the creativity and the enjoyment that is part of the hobby pastime.

The thing is, today I looked at what I wanted to paint. That’s new, that’s different, it’s not work, it’s not pressured its relaxing.


I still have so much stuff that needs to get done.

The line up from the Box

In fact now I have more stuff that needs to get done.

Plus Games Workshop have announced their new Deepkin range which has me itching to pick up a couple of minis somewhere down the line.

I know, I know we all do it…we have mountains of miniatures that is ever growing and will never get finished by looking back and not liking your own work.

What should I do?

Before the guilt set in I had grabbed 6 minis that I want to paint up for this week, took them upstairs after the spray had dried, grabbed my gear and that’s when it happened.

Today’s additions

There was that little demonic voice in my head; “What about us? You made it seem like you would paint us before anything else!”

Dammit, now I feel guilty again, these were ones I also “wanted” to paint.

A current Holy Grail Mini I can only paint when I finish other ones.

I still want to paint them, just not right now, should I promise myself to paint one from the Box and one from the group I just sprayed? Should I seek help (because that voice was very strange)? Should I ignore the guilt and paint what I want? Why have I just grabbed more minis that will end up in the Box Of Shame? What has made me want to paint these 6 minis specifically?

So I’ve come a decision.

First off answer questions:

No I will not let my guilt tell me what to paint.
No the voice isn’t real, I’m serious. I’m just dramatizing my feelings.
No I should finish what I started.
Well hopefully, writing this post will help me answer this question.
These minis have a technique I want to get better at.

A WIP to try out Object Source Lighting that needs a few finishing touches.

Secondly; Why does it matter?

Doing this challenge and doing this blog has been something personal to me, something I want to share, a road to journey down and become a better painter in the long run.
Spreading information about my new digital journey has given me the opportunity to see and learn a lot more about painting and modelling. This has been challenging for me, I want to get better! I mean have you seen some of the stuff that people do? Its mind boggling how good they are.
I have chosen these models today to try something new, but I can do that with the minis in the Box of Shame too.
Painting a mini every day will not get me to the level I am seeing online. But I will get a tabletop quality mini out of it and I will also get the chance to learn something new under a time pressure which means I can’t dilly dally on the subject.

Thirdly, The Plan!

I’m not going to feel guilty.
I’m going to paint something different from the box every day.
If I can’t bring myself to paint something from the box I will find something else.
I will use these minis as long term projects; maybe the effect works on the daily mini and I’m waiting for it to dry, there is nothing stopping me from starting something else.

So the moral of the story:

Enjoy Painting don’t feel guilty because you have found something new.
Paint for the joy of painting and maybe its better to have multiple projects running that helps avoid “burnout”.
Setting a goal could help describe the final expectations you are aspiring to achieve.

Here are mine;

I want to continue painting 30 models in 30 days to a tabletop standard.

I want to improve my techniques without relying on washes and dips.

I want to paint Guild Ball so it looks amazeballs, and I will no longer be using the minis in the 30 day challenge because i want to spend longer on them without time pressures.

I’m just really happy how this guy came out

If there is something different out of the Box I will paint that instead.

In the meantime I have decided not to paint today, I’m seeing double right now and need some rest which means a double bill tomorrow!

Fight On & Roll High!